Saturday, 8 January 2011

Birthday cake for Andung

This is made for my in-law, a doctor who loves I hope this one pretty much describes his daily life.. =)

Since he's a diabetic, I made these kaastengel cookies hidden in the "table" least he has his share when others eat the cake...ain't it brilliant?? hihihi *muji sendiri*

His newspaper Investor Daily and trading activities in his laptop

Kungfu panda birthday cake for Moqtav

Anniversary cupcake set for Tasya

Christmas cupcakes

 serupa tapi tak sama...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hermes Birkin bag for Ibu Erni

Princess cake for Michelle

Sexy girls cupcake for Bobo

Wedding cake for Karina & Arief

Aahhh...My first wedding cake/cupcake =) It was an outdoor wedding reception and unfortunately the weather was sooo not friendly. We planned to set up the cake at 4pm, but since it was still raining, we waited until 6.30pm after the rain finally stopped. But still, the humid made the cake all so glossy really fast...huhuhu =(
Wishing a happily ever after marriage for Karina & Arief....*hugs*