Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) cake for Vrisqha

the bday girl's name supposed to be Vrisqha, I don't know somehow I read it Vriqsha. Fortunately, Ibu Shinta (her mom) is really understanding upon this mistake since the mispelling of her daughter's name happens quite often =) Gomenasaaaii... Arigatou gozaimasu, ibu shinta..

Angry bird space for Justin

Barbie cake for Clarence and Cathleen

Heineken beer cake for Adrian

Angry bird cake for Rafi

Bow cake for Shinta's parents anniversary

VW Golf car for Lauwrence

Zoo animals cake for Rasha

The candle on the cake is provided by Rasha's mom which is always used for 1st birthday among her apartment neighbours. So sweet yaa...

Proargy cake for Pak Rasyid

This "Proargi" vitamin has helped this couple in conceiving a child..

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Idul Fitri Celebration

Cookiecoo makes classic cookies for this Idul Fitri season
such as kaastengels, nastar, putri salju, lidah kucing, cheese button, oatmeal cookies, 
which are all made with premium quality ingredients.
The elegant hampers or "hantaran" is absolutely perfect for a token to be given to your relatives and families, or you can also just have the individual cookies jar (without hampers)
for your own indulgence at home.
All cookie jars come with the size of 250grams and 500grams.

Idul Fitri is just not complete without these cookies....=)
So, place your order soon..  
Simply send your email to for price list inquiry..
Thank you... -xoxo-

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bow Tiered cake for Ayu

Bachelorette cupcake set for Rhea

Sorry, some parts are being censored, due to requests =) so if you want to see the whole pics without censors, please just send me an email =)

look at the boy's expression, hahahah!

Favorite things cupcake set for Jonathan

GIta & her dog cupcake set

Toy Story cake & cupcake for Joanna

Bride-to-be cupcake set

Ballerina cupcake for Ms Fanny

Lightning McQueen Cars for Kieran & Gyan