Monday, 28 February 2011

Ferarri cake for Alendo

Handy Manny cake for Ken

Tom & Jerry Tiered cake & cupcake for Conor

Princess & Superhero tiered cupcakes for Ina & Rafa

I didn't have the chance to take pictures of these cupcakes set up in tier at home. Since my friend wanted to use her own tier, so here's the pictures... the cupcakes displayed not as I planned because they are separated in 2 tiers. =) *foto seadanya*

Family cupcake set for Tasya's mom

Hermes birkin bag for Lola

Baby OneMonth cake for Alexa

Another "baby in bath" theme with different colors for a baby girl. But there was an unfortunate incident happened with these baby of 15 cakes =`( hiks hiks... It surely made me drop for days, but my son's hugs and his saying "Don't be sad, mama.." could really bring my smile and spirit back =)
Another lesson learned indeed...*Ganbatte kudasaaaiiii mama-chan* =)